Where is the Love?

Shavuot, the holiday which celebrates Matan Torah, is a time to rekindle one’s relationship with the Torah and with Torah [...]

Gal Gadot and Me

I don't like going to the Mikveh.  It's hard for me, but I go.  And when I go I feel [...]

My Corona Mikveh Adventure

This is my crazy mikveh story during the time of Corona… We were informed on a Saturday night that my [...]

So Far and Yet Still Close

By Chana Even-chen As we start to peek out of our houses more, and slowly emerge on Shabbat afternoons to [...]

Bringing Our Voices Together

During this time when people are looking for inspiration and connection, and while, as a nation, we count up [...]

Mikveh and IVF

Photo by Luis Galvez Another night at the mikveh. I hold the towel close, and look in the [...]


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