Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet

Founder and Director

Naomi has a PhD in Sociology. Her research is the catalyst upon which the Eden Center was founded and propels our vision and programming.

Lanie Goldberger

Executive Administrator

Lanie made aliyah from Australia in 2020. She has much experience in banking and finance, as well as executive administration. She enjoys the impact that The Eden Center has on so many women around the world while maintaining commitment to halacha and Jewish continuity.

Alana Rahmani

English Program Coordinator

Alana has worked in Jewish education and engagement for almost a decade. She is also a certified childbirth educator and is currently participating in The Eden Center’s kallah teacher training course.

Aviva Strahl-King 

Hebrew Program Coordinator

Aviva is finishing her BA in Business Management and International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is happy to be involved in empowering women and creating a better future. 

Dr. Judith Fogel

Program Coordinator, Kallah Teacher Training Courses

Dr. Judith Fogel has a PhD in Human sexuality, is a certified Yoetzet Halakha and veteran kallah teacher.

Dr. Dan Jacobson

Hatan Teacher Training Course Coordinator

Dr. Dan Jacobson is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

Jodi Wachpress

Coordinator of Intimacy and Halakha Courses

Jodi Wachspress is a sex therapist and runs a private practice in Modiin.

Esti Sacher

Hebrew Kallah Teacher Course Facilitator/Halakha 

Esti Sacher was certified in the halakhic counseling program at Midrash Neshem and has since opened a midrash for women in Sydney, Australia, through Torah Mzion. Currently, she teaches at Midrash Ha’at in Acre and works as a bridal course instructor for The Eden Center. 

Hila Kedar 

Hebrew Mikveh Attendant Programs/Halakha 

Hila Kedar lives in Gilo, in Jerusalem. She teaches the halakhic side of Mercaz Eden’s Hebrew online courses for kallah teachers and mikveh attendants. Hila trained and certified as a Yoetzet Halacha through Nishmat, and as a Meshivat Halacha through Matan.

Course Facilitators 

Lizzie Rubin

Course Facilitator, Mikveh Attendant Training Program

Lizzie Rubin is an individual, couples and sex therapist with special training in abuse, postpartum depression, pre-weds and newlyweds.

Dr. Hagit Rodrigues Garcia

Mikveh Attendant Program Coordinator, Golan

Hagit Rodrigues Garcia has a Ph.D. in Social Work and is an intimacy and sexual health counselor.

Devorah Mittleman 

Devorah Mittlemen has been working at The Eden Center for the past six years as a facilitator for balaniot and is currently facilitating the continuing education series for balaniot in Ashkelon. 

Sarah Bernstein 

Rebbetzin Sarah Bernstein is a Life Coach and Kallah Teacher, focused on supporting women’s sexual health. She lives in Israel and partners with The Eden Center on various projects and courses. 

Sapir Ben Dayan 

Sapir Ben Dayan is a social worker, therapist, healthy sexuality facilitator, and bride guide. She graduated from The Eden Center’s Balanit course and guides the third course in the field.