Our Staff

Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet

Founder and Director

Naomi has a PhD in Sociology. Her research is the catalyst upon which the Eden Center was founded and propels our vision and programming.

Lanie Goldberger

Executive Administrator

Lanie made aliyah from Australia in 2020. She has much experience in banking and finance, as well as executive administration. She enjoys the impact that The Eden Center has on so many women around the world while maintaining commitment to halacha and Jewish continuity.

Yael Yavin

English Program Coordinator

Yael has a BA from Queens College in Political science and a MA from Bar Ilan University in Political Science. She also really enjoys being able to facilitate the training of Kallah teachers.

Netta Asner-Minster

Director of Hebrew Programming

Netta has a BA in Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry and is currently pursuing her MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew U. Her passion for education has brought her to The Eden Center to develop Hebrew programming.

Lizzie Rubin

Head Facilitator, Mikveh Attendant Training Program

Lizzie Rubin is an individual, couples and sex therapist with special training in abuse, postpartum depression, pre-weds and newlyweds.

Dr. Judith Fogel

Program Coordinator, Advanced Kallah Teacher Training Course

Judith has a PhD in Human sexuality, is a certified Yoetzet Halakha and veteran kallah teacher.

Dr. Dan Jacobson

Hatan Teacher Training Course Facilitator 

Dr. Dan Jacobson is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion.

Jodi Wachspress

Coordinator of Intimacy and Halakha Courses

Jodi Wachspress is a sex therapist and runs a private practice in Modiin.

Dr. Hagit Rodrigues Garcia

Mikveh Attendant Program Coordinator, Golan

Hagit Rodrigues Garcia has a Ph.D. in Social Work and is an intimacy and sexual health counselor.

Dr. Sharon Galper Grossman

Director of Community Health Programming

Sharon is is a Harvard-trained radiation oncologist with a Masters in Public Health. She is a graduate of Matan’s Morot L’Halakha.

Board of Directors

Idit Rubin, Chair of the Board

Idit is a senior lecturer and director of the excellence program at the Hartman Institute.

Abba Engelberg

Abba is the founder and dean
emeritus of Machon Tal.

Deena Glickman

Deena is an editor and
consultant in private practice.

Rachelle Lavi

Rachelle Lavi

Rachelle is the Deputy Director of the Rehabilitation Department at Alyn Hospital.

Rachelle Lavi

Ayala Levin-Kruss

Ayala works in the JDC and is a founding co-chair of Shira Hadasha’s Kehilla Tomechet.

Adi Samson

Adi is the Director of עשה לך רב, a program to train community rabbis in Israel.

Rachelle Lavi

Jordana Schoor

Jordana works to create educational programs around sensitive yet neglected issues in Orthodoxy.

Rachelle Lavi

Martina Hammelburger
Medical Advisory

Martina is a family doctor with the Clalit public health fund.

Past Board Members and Advisory

Nomi Ansbacher
Amy Cohn
Michael Eisenberg
Blu Greenberg
Dr. Aviad HaCohen
Leora Kesten Roth
Ayelet Libson
Aviva Loberbaum
Nicky Newfield
Joanna Shebson
Jonathan Shebson
Dr. Anna Woloski-Wruble
Meira Josephy


Rabbinic Haskamot
We have Haskamot from a range of Rabbinic authorities.
For details contact naomi@theEdenCenter.com

Dr. Anna Woloski-Wruble

Academic Advisor, Advanced Kallah Teacher Course

Anna runs the only nurse-based sexual health clinic in Israel and has accomplished groundbreaking community work with the religious, haredi, and chassidish populations in Israel in areas of sexual awareness and relationship enhancement. She is widely published, and a leader in her field of research in Israel. Anna played an integral role in the development of our Advanced Kallah teacher curriculum

Rabbi Doniel Schreiber

Halakhic and Pedagogic Advisor, Hatan Teacher Training Course

Rabbi Schreiber is a Senior Ram at Yeshivat Har Etzion and founding Dean of the Yeshivat Har Etzion Center for Torah Leadership. He is a prized lecturer in Jewish Law and sought-after hatan teacher who understood the need for a serious, multi-disciplinary hatan teacher course and helped Eden in our development of this course.

Shani Taragin

Halakhic and Pedagogic Advisor, Advanced Kallah Teacher Course and Hatan Teacher Training Course

Shani Taragin is a world-famous lecturer in Tanach and veteran kallah teacher. She is one of the first women to have been certified as a Yoetzet Halakha and has been training aspiring kallah teachers in Israel for years through various institutions of women’s Torah study.  Her wisdom and pedagogical insights help guide our programming, as well as advising on other professional and communal education programs. Shani was one of the initial developers of the Advanced Kallah teacher and Hatan teacher courses and continues to work with Eden on its programming.

Professor Ilana Azulay Chertok

Professor at Ohio University, Researcher in women’s health and board-certified lactation consultant

Ilana earned her doctorate in epidemiology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and post-doctorate at the University of Washington. She is a Professor at Ohio University, international board-certified lactation consultant, researcher in women’s and maternal-infant health, and volunteer in Israeli health professional forums. She engages in interdisciplinary research in the United States and in Israel, including lactation and women’s health issues pertaining to Jewish law. She has published and presented her work in national and international journals and conferences.

The Eden Center aims to teach about mikveh and taharat hamishpacha, to raise discussions about intimacy and encourage women to engage with these mitzvot. We do this in a variety of ways, including running training courses and community education. We believe in teaching anyone who wants to learn. As such, our trainings are given in various organizational and private settings to women with divergent backgrounds in Israel and abroad.  We do not endorse any organization or individuals who participate in our programs, but teach a wide audience in a range of locations out of the commitment to increase Torah study and deepen the love of the mitzvot associated with observing the laws of niddah and immersion in the mikveh.