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The mikveh is just one element in the rich ecosystem that makes up the intimate life of couples and families. The Eden Center strives to go outside the waters of the mikveh to provide information and education that can enhance couples’ connections to their health and to each other. Our programs provide deeper halakhic knowledge while guiding women and couples through every stage of married life, from the beginning of marriage (and even before) to parenting to perimenopause.


Intimacy and Relationships During Wartime

. Register here to receive the zoom link: Join The Eden Center for a panel on Intimacy and Relationships During Wartime with Yonina Rubinstein and Gabrielle Hodes, moderated by Simona Weinstein. This event will help [...]

Labor, Delivery and Postpartum Through the Halakhic Lens

Delivery and the postpartum period are full of new experiences, including new halakhic questions. This course provides halakhic and emotional guidance for new parents navigating this unfamiliar territory. Questions that are addressed in this course include: When do [...]

How to Date Your Spouse

The Eden Center invites you to a zoom session with Daniella Rudoff, Marriage Architect: Marriage Educator, Dating Consultant and Matchmaker on How to Date Your Spouse: Tips to rekindle your marriage. Date: September 6th, 2023 Time: 20:30-21:30 Israel time [...]

Raising Communal Awareness of Infant and Pregnancy Loss

. Become a Member Consider taking membership in The Eden Center to help sustain our work. By taking membership, you show your support and allow us to continue to provide quality programming to the Jewish community. Membership donations [...]

Past Events

Click on the image to see previous community events by The Eden Center.  If you are interested in any of the events, please look through the other images on our Community Programs Page, or complete the form below. [...]

Bringing Our Voices Together – Mikveh & Spirituality

During this time when people are looking for inspiration and connection, and while we look toward the new year with anticipation, we thought it a perfect opportunity to bring together different voices with the hope of empowering and [...]

Sexuality and Pleasure: Taboo or Not?

Two-part series to understand Rabbinic thought on sexuality and pleasure and its practical application. Text based course exploring sources from early rabbinic thought to modern-day opinions. […]

Keeping the Waters Fresh

This course provides tips and direction for bridging between “the ideal” and “the real” of observance to recharge and refresh your mikveh experience and the time before, during and after mikveh. […]

Straight Talk about BRCA

Provides knowledge about BRCA, outlines the risks associated with being a BRCA carrier and gives halakhic and medical guidance in making informed choices around testing. […]

Tahara in Living Color: Identifying Niddah

Teaches women to identify basic colors of menstrual stains affecting their niddah status to lower stress and empower women to take an active role in assessing their halakhic status. […]

Women’s Intimacy and Halakha

This 4-part course explores relationships and intimacy within a halakhic context, discussing female sexuality, body image, mikveh and niddah, as well as common challenges of married life. […]

Talking Tevilla

This 3-session dialogue series includes textual analysis and personal discussion about experiences and emotions surrounding the mikveh for women in their first five years of mikveh use. This course addresses questions and concerns such as: How can I make [...]

Infertility and Niddah

Provides halakhic information and coping strategies for women experiencing infertility, with a focus on transforming the mikveh from a negative reminder of infertility to a place of comfort. […]

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