Where is God in the Mikveh?

Liz Shayne recently wrote here about how the mikveh experience feels meaningless for her. It’s not anguishing, she says, but […]

Wedding Night Worries

By: Dr. Elissa Helman Every woman looks forward to her wedding.  The dress, the hair, the makeup, the pictures, the […]

Navigating Niddah as a Couple

Early on while dating my now husband, I was dealing with a difficult personal situation. When I was talking it […]

What to Expect. . . When You Go to Mikveh

Going to the mikveh for the first time–whether it’s right before your wedding, many years later or any other time–can […]

7 Ways to Get Husbands Involved in Mikveh Night

For many mikveh observant women, our lives feel like they revolve around the mikveh. We keep track of our periods […]

Does Every New Kallah Need to Begin Taking Hormones?

“Mazel tov to the newly engaged couple”! After the toasts and good wishes are finished, the fun and (sometimes) stress […]

Things I Wish I had Known Earlier in Married Life

I’ve been married for 30 years. For the first 15 years of my  marriage, I did not know how […]

I’m Engaged! Now What?

I am so excited to be engaged! I’m marrying the man of my dreams and I can’t wait to […]

Top 12 Things a Kallah Should Know About Being in an Intimate Relationship

Every kallah teacher grapples with what to teach her kallot about intimacy and sexuality. What does a kallah need to […]

Tending to your Relationship

I was tending to my garden today and thinking how bad I feel for neglecting it for so long. […]

Good Sex for Life

Recently a reader wrote to us asking for insight into the changes in mikveh observance around peri-menopause. Her question addressed […]

Intimacy:  Enhancing the Connection between Husband and Wife

Women at any age can experience problems with intimacy. As a certified yoga instructor who offers workshops to women on […]

Family Purity – the Recognition of the Divine in my Spouse

According to the laws of Family Purity, for a portion of each month, husband and wife are not allowed to […]

Ten Tips for Mikveh Night

This piece was written by Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet for a forthcoming publication by Dr. David Ribner and Talli Rosenbaum, “I […]

Your Mikveh, Your Time

Dear Woman, Your mikveh experience is your time. It can be a time where you connect with yourself, your spirituality […]

Wanting and Not Touching

When I first saw the young man at an NCSY Shabbaton, my first thought was that “he’s so cute.” […]

Dear Bride

Hello my dear bride,  I just want to wish you a big big mazal tov! This is such an exciting, important day for you and for your new spouse, and God willing, for the future family that you’re going to start. This is actually the starting point […]