Professional Training Programs

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The Eden Center’s training programs give professionals the knowledge and tools to support Jewish women and couples as they learn to observe the laws of niddah and mikveh. We believe that professional training must incorporate information about intimacy, abuse, and physical and mental health, as well as halacha, so that professionals can understand and offer holistic support.


Basic Kallah Teacher Training

We are excited to be introducing our next Basic Kallah Teaching Course. Course begins on Sunday, February 19th, from 19:00 – 22:00 Please fill out the form if you are interested in receiving information for the next course: [...]

Hatan Teacher Training

This training is building off of the successful Advanced Kallah Teacher Course to create a cadre of hatan (groom) teachers that share our vision of premarital education that stresses not only the study of halakhic (Jewish legal) sources, but also topics such as [...]

Becoming a Mikveh Attendant

This course offers Israel Ministry of Religious Affairs certification as well as a broad view of the crisis situations and halakhic, personal, and medical issues that can arise at the mikveh. […]

Mikveh Attendant Professional Development

Gives experienced attendants new tools to sensitively approach issues such as fertility, abuse, disability, mental health, and other personal issues that arise at the mikveh. […]

The Eden Center aims to teach about mikveh and taharat hamishpacha, to raise discussions about intimacy and encourage women to engage with these mitzvot. We do this in a variety of ways, including running training courses and community education. We believe in teaching anyone who wants to learn. As such, our trainings are given in various organizational and private settings to women with divergent backgrounds in Israel and abroad. We do not endorse any organization or individuals who participate in our programs, but teach a wide audience in a range of locations out of the commitment to increase Torah study and deepen the love of the mitzvot associated with observing the laws of niddah and immersion in the mikveh.

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Thank you for seeing us as [God’s] messengers, who have the ability to identify and refer women going through distress, just as in times of joy. Thank you for giving us tools to help us make immersion a meaningful experience, while being able to help women in the community. Thank you for broadening our ability to ask, and for allowing us to be excited and experience what we learned in every context—at work, at home, in our daily interactions – with real joy. Thank you for thinking of every detail, for giving us so much, and more than anything – for caring, and showing us how to care!

Sigalit, Graduate of The Mikveh Attendant Training Course, Rosh HaAyin 2019