The Eden Center is creating a database of articles, books and recorded lectures that relate to issues of religious Judaism AND mikveh, laws of niddah/family purity, menstruation or sexuality. This database will be searchable and users will be able to access the resources.  Please feel free to submit relevant sources. As initial curator of the database, Dr. David Ribner will determine which sources meet the criteria for inclusion as outlined below:


Criteria for inclusion in the Eden Center Database 

  • Articles, books and lectures that directly relate to issues of religious Judaism AND mikveh, laws of niddah/family purity, menstruation or sexuality will be considered for inclusion. 

  • Language can be Hebrew or English


  1. Articles must have appeared in either in a refereed journal or published in a magazine or other media source which required editorial oversight.

  2. Authors should provide full citation information, a brief summary and either the full text or a free link to the full text

  3. Articles without free, full text access will not be accepted.


  1. Because of technical limitations, this database will not offer access to the full text of books.

  2. Book listings should include full citation data, a brief summary and information regarding purchase or other access (e.g. pdf). When provided, links to a site where the book can be purchased will be included.

Lectures, webinars and podcasts 

  1. Listings will include only free, full access options.

  2. Options which require a registration will not be included. 

  3. Please indicate the date recorded, location and number of minutes.

Listings will be by topic and alphabetically by the author’s last name within each topic. 

A listing may appear under more than one topic; author’s suggestions will be appreciated.


Use the space below to submit a piece, or send an email to