The Eden Center’s blog brings women’s voices to the fore discussing mikveh, women’s health, intimacy and more.

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We love to raise awareness and present various voices on topics related to The Eden Center mission.  Below are an array of blogs on mikveh, sexuality, marriage, women’s health, body image, parenting, and Taharat Hamishpacha.

This blog invites readers to submit their experience with mikveh and the laws of niddah in order to raise awareness to the range of feelings and experiences in the community. The Eden Center does not endorse positions stated in blogs, but allows authors’ voices to be heard on this platform. For blogs dealing with halakhic topics, we encourage each person to consult their own halakhic authority for clarification.

We value your feedback and submissions.

Tu B’Shvat and our Body Consciousness

By |January 31, 2023|

Over the last few years our world has responded to Covid by retreating to activities close to home. One of the side benefits of that sheltering has been increased participation in and appreciation of nature (Teva). The experience and pleasure of taking walks in parks and nature reserves [...]

Relationships in the Shadow of Sexual Abuse

By |January 24, 2023|

“Will I ever succeed in truly loving someone and giving my trust to someone?” “Will I ever build a stable, true and honest relationship?” “Will someone ever be able to take on all the heavy baggage I am bringing into the relationship?” Women who have experienced sexual [...]

Coming Home to Depression

By |January 17, 2023|

My husband is a warm, funny, generous person. Together we discovered the most wonderful facets of couplehood, of moving through life hand in hand, looking inward at ourselves, at each other, and at the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Baruch Hashem. Then [...]

Wanting and Not Touching

By |January 10, 2023|

When I first saw the young man at an NCSY Shabbaton, my first thought was that “he’s so cute.” And I was determined to find a way to meet him. It didn’t take long. There was another NCSY Shabbaton in my hometown and he was an advisor [...]


By |January 2, 2023|

Trigger warning: this blog contains explicit and sensitive material about pregnancy loss. Should we get pregnant? It was a discussion whether to go off birth control. I can’t even say that we made a decision but, with time, we stopped preventing conception. Right away, and I see [...]

Like Newlyweds in the Bedroom

By |December 27, 2022|

Disclaimer: This blog contains ideas and suggestions in the realm of sexuality that some people might find forward. They are offered in the spirit of increasing connection between partners and within the sanctity of marriage. The Eden Center encourages all couples to find what is appropriate for them [...]

Ordinary and Extraordinary – Hanukkah 5781

By |December 20, 2022|

We are resharing this blog post from Hanukkah 2020. Enjoy! Judaism is great at giving significance and meaning to every little thing.  Through ritual and intent, Judaism can take almost any seemingly small or mundane element of our lives and give it depth.  Numbers are certainly no [...]

Light one Light

By |December 14, 2022|

It’s definitely donut season in Israel, where even snacks are seasonal. The closer we get to Hanukkah, the more ubiquitous  they become – and the more elaborate. Sufganiyot (donuts) are the first in the list of fried, crunchy, foods that are traditionally enjoyed on Hanukkah. Then there’s [...]

From Fear to Freedom

By |December 6, 2022|

My journey of knowing that I am a carrier of the BRCA 1 gene mutation began in New York seventeen years ago, as I was preparing to move to Israel. My mother told me about the gene and asked that I get tested before moving so far [...]

Mikveh Monologue

By |November 29, 2022|

Well, I’m here again.  Funny how often I come here. Ha-ha. So now I have time to look over my body. See what has changed since last time.    Oh look, I still have a double chin. Maybe if I hold it in a little it will become [...]

A Tale of Two Cities, Before and After

By |November 22, 2022|

I met my husband when I was twenty-one. He lived in one city, I in another half way across the US. We spoke on the phone regularly for over a month before we finally decided to meet. He came to meet me. It only took that one [...]

On Tevillah After Sexual Abuse

By |November 15, 2022|

With this ring / written by Ruchama ben Yosef (translated from Hebrew) Smooth on the inside No hatzitzot No cracks Smooth on the inside  No hidden connections It is one single piece, whole, round But on the outside There are scratches. There are cracks.  There are bruises. [...]

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