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Mikvah Preparation Timetable

This infographic gives background, practical guidance and a mindful framework for the the custom of immersion for women on erev Yom Kippur.

Hope & Healing

This publication on mikveh for women with a breast cancer diagnosis or BRCA outlines the halakhic, medical and psychological aspects of immersion.

Birkat Emunah

A collection of tefillot, reflections and guidance to enhance the Mikveh experience for women struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss.

Pre-wedding Tevilla

Seven intentions for mikveh preparation that can help to create a mindful immersion, with spiritual guidance accompanying the physical preparations.

7 Kavanot

A simple framework for making a bride’s pre-wedding immersion more focused and meaningful, alongside a tefilla that can be said before any tevilla.

Tefillon for Guests at a Wedding

A beautiful leaflet of prayers to be said by guests during a chuppah, with prayers for health, parnassa, a marriage built on trust and partnership, etc. Available for use at your wedding.

Hope & Healing: Mikveh Attendant’s Guide

A mikveh attendant’s guide to breast cancer, including the emotional, medical and halakhic challenges faced by mikveh users.

Breast Health Poster

Poster specially-designed for mikvehs, reminding women to conduct breast checks and providing tips for breast health.

Breast Cancer Awareness & Sensitivity Guide for Mikveh Attendants

Guide for mikveh attendants on the emotional, medical and halakhic challenges faced by mikveh users with breast cancer


Local resource guide for women in the Gush Etzion area, including information about mikvehs, women’s health, addiction, domestic abuse and much more.

11 Myths about Sexual Pleasure

Written in conjunction with Maze Women’s Sexual Health and targeting religious women, this is a Hebrew list of 11 myths about sexual pleasure.

Sex Education Bibliography

A selected reading list for helping parents educate children of all ages and backgrounds about sexuality, puberty, and reproductive health.

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Mikvah Preparation Timetable

For Women with OCD or Anxiety

Excerpt from “The Taharas Hamishpacha Workbook” by Rabbi Dovid Aryeh Kaufman

Credit to Mrs Konovitch