Balanit / mikveh lady /mikveh attendant

Dear Mikveh Lady…

At this time of year – a time of  reconciliation and forgiveness – we are posting a blog which expresses intense [...]

Keeping my Head Under the Water

  “You stuck, are you?” “Yes, I don’t like the water.” “Want to learn how to swim?” “I can’t.” “Betcha [...]

The Final Immersion

I can still feel a tiny twinge of pain deep inside me as I reach my hand out to turn [...]

Regaining Control over Mikveh

Sometimes it feels like there are many negative distractions to the experience of mikveh that cloud my ability as I [...]

Yeast Infections & Mikveh

Can a woman get a vaginal yeast infection from using the mikveh? If so, what steps must be taken to [...]

What Do I Feel at the Mikveh?

Twenty-six years ago, before I got married, I learned the laws of taharat hamishpacha, as well as a deeper approach [...]

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