Illustrative picture of the mikveh in Horesh

We are elated to share with you an immense accomplishment which we are proud to be a part of!
For the past 6 years The Eden Center has played a leading role in promoting the importance of mikveh attendants receiving training in a broad range of topics concerning women’s health, well-being, communication and sensitivity skills. We have worked hard to provide professional development for attendants, slowly reshaping the focus to include issues of mental, physical and emotional health, and how the mikveh can become a more supportive space for every woman.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs recently released updated regulations for the training and hiring of new mikveh attendants employed by the State of Israel. We are thrilled to share that these new criteria adopted our recommendations in full and made women’s health and crisis topics a mandated part of the training for all future mikveh attendants in Israel, thus changing the very definition of what it means to be a mikveh attendant!

We celebrate this accomplishment together with you and thank you for your continued support. You are our partners in bringing about this revolutionary change and we look forward to continuing this work together!