Brides/ Kallot/Newlyweds

Dear Bride 2

My Dear Bride In a few hours you're going to be walking down the aisle of your chuppah. What [...]

Seeing Things Differently

 “Spotting, third time in a row.”  “Oh, how awful for you.”  “Ugh, guess where I have to go the [...]

Dear Bride

Hello my dear bride,  I just want to wish you a big big mazal tov! This is such an [...]

Mikveh Tips

There was a recent post in the Facebook group Jewish Women Talk About Intimacy, where a new bride was preparing [...]

Intimacy on Mikveh Night

We say that mikveh night is like a renewal of marriage. It's a time where we start again, recommit ourselves, [...]

I’m Not a Virgin

I didn't know how to phrase it. "I'm not a virgin" I muttered in the end.  I grew up in [...]

Updating Your Carrier Screening

By: Estie Rose Sitting around my friends’ Shabbat tables and meeting new people, the conversation inevitably goes to “do you [...]

Wedding Night Worries

By: Dr. Elissa Helman Every woman looks forward to her wedding.  The dress, the hair, the makeup, the pictures, the [...]


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