Topics will include:

* Curriculum building

*How to teach:

~hilchot ketamim
~Hefsek tahara
~7 nekiim
~onot prisha
~Wedding day
~ sexual intimacy
~ relationships/married life


* how to talk about sensitive issues

* challenging situations

*time to ask questions

Join Gabrielle Hodes for monthly presentations and group discussions to guide you as a kallah teacher and help you improve your teaching. Learn from the group as well as an experienced teacher.

Increase your confidence and expand your skills as a kallah teacher. This zoom-based mentorship program is tailor-made for both experienced kallah teachers and those just starting out.

Join one or all. Sessions begin 20:00 Israel time, 50₪ per session:

  • Monday, March 13th
  • Sunday, April 16th 
  • Monday, May 15th
  • Wednesday, June 21st
  • Wednesday, July 19th
  • Next session: Monday, August 21st
    The upcoming session dates will be updated every month

Registration and 50 nis payment is required to attend each session.

The zoom link will be sent to those who registered. There is a recording available if you would like to purchase acess to view past sessions.

Please click below to register and make payment:

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