Hello my dear bride,

 I just want to wish you a big big mazal tov! This is such an exciting, important day for you and for your new spouse, and God willing, for the future family that you’re going to start. This is actually the starting point of your family, of your new life, thank God. Of the two of you together with the blessings of God.

 I just wanted to share a few words with you. When you go to the mikveh, you should look at it as an appointment between you and God. This is really the time in your life when you can get to be the closest ever to your creator. You know, inside of you, inside of every Jew, there is a piece of God, but sometimes we have a hard time tapping into it. There are times in our life when God gives us an opportunity to be able to reach that part. Mikveh day is definitely one of them. Yom Kippur is another one of them. And there are other special moments in our life that are times where you really can feel God so close to you. You should know that as you go into the water of the mikveh, you’re going to be surrounded with that water, just like a baby is in the womb of its mother. You know what? This is your chance to be able to wash away anything that you want to get rid of from your past life. You are going to come out of the water of the mikveh just like a new baby that is born. You are coming out fresh and new from a spiritual perspective.

The moment that you’re going to be in the water, that is the moment when God opens the doors in heaven. As I was telling you, inside of you, you have a piece of God. That piece of God is with you when you’re saying the blessing. You’re opening the doors of heaven; it’s connecting the blessing to the source where it comes from. So it’s a direct line between you and God. This is a time to ask him to bless your marriage, to bless you, to bless all your loved ones. To bless you, God willing, that in the future you will have a beautiful Jewish family, and also, for whatever else is in your heart. This is your special moment, it’s a moment that you’ve worked for.  You counted the days, you prepared yourself for the mikveh. This is your personal day of Yom Kippur. This is really the time in your life where you are privileged to be the closest ever to your creator. 

So my dear bride, I wish you all the best wishes and a big mazal tov, MAZEL TOV! Make the most of this moment, and you should know that when you come out of those waters of the mikveh, in the eyes of God you are compared to a Sefer Torah, to a Torah scroll. You are as holy as a Torah, and every blessing that you give to your loved ones is at the level of a Torah blessing. It’s something that is very, very special. And please include me in your blessings, include all of your loved 

ones in your blessings. A big mazel tov to you again!