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Kallah Teachers — boost your knowledge of intimacy and birth control in this special course designed for you.
We will be discussing various aspects of sexuality, male and female pleasure, desire, boundaries within halakha and contraception, bringing together a variety of sexual health professionals to guide you and give you deeper knowledge of these crucial topics. The topics covered are basic to the needs of all kallah teachers. Following presentations there will be time given for discussion and processing of the material to help you integrate it into your teaching.

Dr. Judith Fogel, PhD Human Sexuality and Yoetzet Halacha, directs and teaches in the program.

Classes will take place every Sunday for 6 weeks
from 8-10pm Israel time (1-3pm EST)
beginning June 12th, 2022

Cost: 695nis ($199)

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Talking Intimacy: a 6-week workshop for kallah teachers