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Mikveh Tips

There was a recent post in the Facebook group Jewish Women Talk About Intimacy, where a new bride was preparing [...]


There is only one time the entire month I need to see my bald eyelids…and that is at the mikveh. [...]

Tahara in Living Color

You may also be interested in some of our other upcoming programs that can be viewed on our home [...]

Not Your Typical Tovelet

"I need to tovel (immerse) tonight, how do I make an appointment?" That was a very innocent question. "I'm here," [...]

Shavuot Body, Mind & Soul

Enrich you Shavuot and participate in our Pre-Shavuot evening for your Body, Mind and Soul.  Join Cheryl Mandel in [...]

Marriage and Matan Torah

As we approach חג השבועות, a time referred to as our 'marriage to Hashem', we must also ensure we [...]


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