Enrich you Shavuot and participate in our Pre-Shavuot evening for your Body, Mind and Soul.  Join Cheryl Mandel in the kitchen to create a dish that everyone can eat, hear from Rabbanit Shani Taragin on “Marriage and Miracles in Sefer Rut” and end the evening in music and song with Marci Wiesel.

Registration is required to receive the link to participate in this webinar. You will receive a copy of the recipe for the evening upon registration below.

Shavuot - Body, Mind & Soul

The Eden Center is dependent on YOUR generosity.
Invest in strengthening Jewish women and families.
Please consider a minimum donation of ₪18.

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Cheryl Mandel

Cheryl Mandel, woman of many hats –  a Canadian dancer, an Israeli settler, international speaker,  gardening grandmother, manages to incorporate alternative solutions for a healthy life. She has fallen in love with Doterra oils and demonstrates how to brighten, relax and heal through oils and optimism.

Shani Taragin

Shani Taragin loves teaching Torah to women of all ages – in seminaries, colleges, adult-education programs, and throughout communities in Israel and worldwide. She relives the stories of TaNaCh on site and educates on topics of women’s health and halacha as a “Torat Chayim” (Living Torah).

Marci Wiesel

Marci Wiesel is a renowned Judaic paper-cutting artist and has spent years studying Naturopathic medicine and reflexology. She also starred in Gush Etzion’s first all-women’s productions of “Joseph” and “Noah”. Marci values the Rambam’s tenets of health, focusing on the mind-body-soul connection and balance, and Rav Kook’s appreciation of art and song as expressions of creativity.

You may also be interested in some of our other upcoming programs: