• A 2 part series for kallah teachers regarding hair covering - a supplement to the existing Eden Center Kallah Course

    Hair Covering - 2 session series

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  • The Eden Center invites you to join Susan Winograd MSPT and Yoetzet Halacha Rena Spolter for an interactive class about embracing the changes in your body at the end of your mikveh-going years. (Please note that not all international credit cards are accepted on the site.  If you are having trouble, we recommend choosing the PayPal payment option.)
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  • We will be offering a once a month mentorship program for kallah teachers on zoom, providing you with a monthly discussion to guide your kallah teachings.  Learn from each other as well as an experienced kallah teacher. The first session will take place Monday, March 13th, 2023 at 8:00pm (Israel Time). The mentorship program will cost 50nis per session.  
  • This  monthly Kallah Teacher Continuing Education series, will help guide Kallah teachers on various topics, with experts speakers guiding you through the multitude of different aspects relevant to being a Kallah Teacher.  
  • Tahara in Living Color

    Tahara In Living Color is a two-part series that teaches women to identify basic colors of menstrual stains. It empowers women to take an active role in assessing their halakhic status and allows women to lower stress regarding issues affecting their niddah status. After the completion of this two part course with real samples and practice, women are able to discern when it’s necessary or unnecessary to consult with an halakhic authority regarding their status 1st session - definitions & color 2nd session - stains & sizes

    Tahara in Living Color 2022

  • Keeping the Waters Fresh

    Recharge and refresh your niddah observance and mikveh experience!

    Halakhic review, Q&A, direction for bridging between ideal and real, tips for making mikveh more meaningful.

    2-part series

  • The Eden Center's mentoring program gives you ongoing support and supervision as a kallah teacher. You will be able to raise issues, have questions answered, get advice and share concerns. You'll get personal guidance from experienced kallah teachers working for more than twenty years in the field. Monthly group zoom meetings, archive of previous sessions, closed group whatsapp and more...all part of the package.
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  • Intimacy in Halakha

    This class gives a broad understanding of Rabbinic thought on sexuality and pleasure and its practical applications. Make a note of the order number you get after your payment and go back to www.theEdenCenter.com/I&H to register (using the number) and receive the link for the class.