Please proceed below to register for The Eden Center’s Kallah Course.ย  After your registration is processed you will receive an email with a link to proceed directly to payment for the course (2200โ‚ช).ย  Please note the course can be paid for in full or via monthly installments via the link.ย  ย If you do not receive an email, please check your spam.

In this course, over 20 weeksย  you will learn halakha, as well as gaining tools for teaching about intimacy, contraception, red flags and more.

Looking forward to you joining the course.

Registration and Cancellation Policies at the Eden Center

    • Courses are dependent on a minimum number of participants. The Eden Center holds the right to close a course/lecture if the minimum amount of participants do not register.
    • A trial class is offered for all full length courses. Payment is binding for all classes attended after the trial class.
    • Participants will pay for the full course, even if they miss sessions, except for instances of illness lasting three weeks or more. Request for a refund must be accompanied by a doctorโ€™s notice, to be procured within 15 days of the refund request.
    • There may be changes in the order of sessions in the course and in the lecturers who present.
    • All switches from one course to another will be done only in agreement with the administration and recalculation of cost of participation.
    • In event of cancellation participation, all discounts and scholarships are null and void. The participant will be charged in full for the time they were in the course.
    • Payment of the registration or course fees is confirmation of acceptance of the stipulations stated above.
  • A non refundable 250โ‚ช registration fee applies to all lectures and programs
Cancellation policy for a course:
Cancellation up until 7 days (all calendar days) prior to beginning of course- full refundย (excluding the non refundable registration fee)
Cancellation up until 3 weeks (21 calendar days) after beginning of course- 80% refund
Cancellation after three weeks from beginning of course- no refund

Every cancellation must be made in writing to the Eden Center and must include date of cancellation, number of classes already attended and reason for cancellation. The date the email is received determines the calculation of cancellation.

Your refund will be completed on the day of the cancellation, as allowed, or at the nearest possible date and no later than 7 business days after cancellation is submitted, in the following way:

  • Paid by credit card- the charge will be cancelled with your credit card company
  • Paid by credit card and the charge already went through- the amount will be returned in cash, check or bank transfer.

Cancellation fee- if, as a result of your cancellation, the credit company charges a service fee, it will be charged to you.