Delivery and the postpartum period are full of new experiences, including new halakhic questions. This course provides halakhic and emotional guidance for new parents navigating this unfamiliar territory.

Questions that are addressed in this course include: When do you become a niddah? What bracha do you do you say for a boy or girl? When can you return to the mikveh? How does one bridge the gap during such an emotional niddah period? What are the Sephardi minhagim? We try to prepare you for an exciting life and niddah changing event.


An online recording is now avalable for 120 nis.


This class on Labor & Delivery was so helpful and really empowering!! Both my husband and I felt it cleared up a lot of misconceptions and help us to get through the birth in a positive way; it was a huge comfort to us! The material was presented extremely sensitively and gave us tools for a situation that isn’t often spoken about. In short, this was really, really, really helpful!    Yafit