Support Healing Spaces and Resources for Women Going Through Breast Cancer

Our friend and teacher, Rabbanit Dr. Avigail Rock z”l taught us the poetry of Tanach and Torah Sheb’al Peh, and toward the end of her life, the language of support for women going through cancer treatment.

Avigail embodied chessed: to the local garbage man, to neighbors, to her family. Her chessed extended to letting others be part of her support system; throughout her illness she was uplifted by others taking part in her healing by davening or saying tehillim on her behalf. And she shared openly about her illness to reduce shame and help others face the challenges associated with breast cancer treatment.

Avigail recognized that the mikveh can be a strengthening, supportive space for women or incredibly difficult when going through diagnosis, treatment, and when getting back to routine. In her final weeks, Avigail eloquently shared her personal breast cancer journey and her thoughts on mikveh during that time. She understood profoundly what needed to be said, and what needed to be heard. When The Eden Center began educating mikveh attendants about breast cancer, Avigail jumped at the chance to teach about the emotions that mikveh would prompt for women going through breast cancer or related treatments— the acute feelings of vulnerability, and that dynamic of feeling hopeful, feeling normal, but also fearing the gaze of others — when you can barely look at yourself.

The Eden Center has been working to create “Toward Hope and Healing” a guide for women navigating the challenges of mikveh immersion with breast cancer. It will explain the halakhic, medical and emotional issues that women with breast cancer face at the mikveh, providing guidance, suggestions and support at this vulnerable time.With Avigail’s voice and teaching still fresh, we will dedicate the Hebrew publication in her memory.Please join us in honoring Avigail’s memory and her enduring, unique legacy by taking part in dedicating “Toward Hope and Healing”Donations of any amount will help us to bring her voice and her hope to women throughout Israel.


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