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The mikveh is just one element in the rich ecosystem that makes up the intimate life of couples and families. The Eden Center strives to go outside the waters of the mikveh to provide information and education that can enhance couples’ connections to their health and to each other. Our programs provide deeper halakhic knowledge while guiding women and couples through every stage of married life, from the beginning of marriage (and even before) to parenting to perimenopause.


Labor and Delivery Through a Halakhic Lens

Delivery and the postpartum period are full of new experiences, including new halakhic questions. This course provides halakhic and emotional guidance for new parents navigating this unfamiliar territory. Questions that are addressed in this course include: When do you [...]


Taught by medical professionals, halakhic experts, and sex educators, this course covers multiple elements of perimenopause, including mikveh use, hormone treatments, and relationship building. […]

Talking to Children about Sexuality

Helps parents decide how and when to discuss sex with children, this course is designed specifically for religious families and helps to develop informative and open communication in a modest environment. […]

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