Breast Health

From Fear to Freedom

My journey of knowing that I am a carrier of the BRCA 1 gene mutation began in New York [...]

The Lump at the Lake

There are debates as to whether women should check for breast cancer when they are preparing for the mikveh. My story is one of those that proves to me how consciously feeling/checking over one’s breasts during “iyun” can save lives.  Might I have found it without iyun -- yes, but it’s likely that it would have been months later and more dangerous. While I could have found another way to routinely check my breasts, it’s unlikely that I would have.  Though I will never immerse in that lake without negative flashbacks, I bless my dark night at the lake and thank God that I was able to inspect my body to keep it healthy. 

Angry at the Mikveh

It was a dreary January day about 15 years ago when my sister called me.  She had been at the [...]

Breast Checks at the Mikveh- An Emotional Watershed

This story is the tale of empowerment. It tells the story of a young woman who chooses to be proactive, of women who want to increase our chances of detecting cancer at an early stage, when the cancer is most often treatable and curable. Many women diagnosed with cancer report that not knowing is often the worst part. Once they know what they are facing and have a plan of action, they feel grounded and are frequently surprised by their previously untapped inner strength.


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