During this time when people are looking for inspiration and connection, and while, as a nation, we count up towards receiving the Torah, we thought it a perfect opportunity to bring together different voices with the hope of empowering and giving you tools to think about the topics of Mikveh, Taharat Hamishpacha and Marriage.

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Our Speakers and Topics
Shani Taragin: Seven Days and Seven Weeks – Sefirot, Bedikot and the Day After

Jodi Wachspress: Mikveh as a Transitional Space

Nechama Barash: Proximity to Holiness Requires Utmost Caution – Understanding Tum’ah and Taharah

Danielle Renov: Mikveh as an Act of Emunah, Faith and Belief

Tal Bassali: Where Traditional and Modern Meet – Balanit as a Professional and Personal Role

Chana Even-chen: Making the Familiar New – How Teaching Non-Religious Brides Impacts My Mikveh Connection

Yael Leibowitz: The Archetype of Water in the Tanakh

Rabbanit Shani Taragin

Shani Taragin is a yoetzet halacha and educational director of the Eshkolot Tanakh teachers’ program and the Morot l’Halacha program at Matan. She lectures throughout Israel and North America on topics of Tanakh and Jewish Law.

Jodi Wachspress

Jodi is a couples and sex therapist in private practice in Modi’in and Jerusalem currently working on her PhD in Clinical Sexology. She helps individuals and couples cope with their challenges in dating, marriage, sexual dysfunction and incompatibility, illness, bereavement and more.

Nechama Goldman Barash

Nechama has a Master’s degree in Talmud and teaches rabbinic text, women and Judaism, and contemporary Jewish law at Machon Pardes and Matan in Jerusalem. She provides halachic education and counseling for women seeking to use the mikva as a way to sanctify sexual intimacy.

Danielle Renov

Danielle Renov of @peaslovencarrots brings her Moroccan and mediterranean influenced recipes to a world wide audience out of her home in Jerusalem, Israel. From her popular website, peaslovencarrots.com, and various social media platforms she’s always having fun and sharing her love of cooking with her viewers.

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Tal Bassali

Tal Bassali has been living in Venice, Italy for 15 years with her husband and children. She is the main balanit of the Mikveh. Mikveh is a main theme in her life, as she believes that the tools of mikveh can be used to empower women in modern life in terms of their body and their time.

Chana Even-Chen

Chana has a degree in Special Education and a passion for informal Jewish Education. She is involved in Bat mitzvah preparation, community Torah programs and Kallah education, and has taught non-religious and religious brides for over 15 years.

Rachel Hercman

Rachel is clinical psychotherapist with a decade of experience helping people cultivate better relationships with themselves and  others. She has worked in mental health and medical environments, which has enhanced her appreciation of the mind-body connection in feeling good both emotionally and physically.

Yael Leibowitz

Yael teaches at the Matan Institute and lectures widely in Israel and the diaspora on topics in Tanakh and Jewish Biblical thought.