Birkat Emunah was created in response to personal experiences with loss and infertility. Since infertility (both primary and secondary), stillbirth and infant loss are topics that are not often talked about and can often lead to loneliness, we created this resource to support women and couples around the particularly challenging time of mikveh. But even though it was intended as a mikveh resource, it is something that can give chizzuk (strength) at all stages of the journey, regardless of religious practice. It contains tefillot, mindfulness tips, and extremely meaningful, personal accounts in poetry and prose to help us know that we are not alone. It also includes a framework to guide a mindful immersion, practical suggestions for this challenging time, as well as a special pull-out for husbands.


A lot of work, time and energy were invested to create this resource for the community. Consider making a donation to support this project and couples going through fertility challenges. Donate here.