Personal Stories

A Letter to My Baby

(Content warning: pregnancy loss) Dear baby, You’re seven centimetres, going on eight. You're active, moving around so much, spinning [...]

Dear Bride

Hello my dear bride,  I just want to wish you a big big mazal tov! This is such an [...]

Mikveh Stories

When you live in a place where there is a mikveh, then toivelling is something you do at that mikveh. [...]

A Mikveh Polar Plunge

Almost a year after I got married, I had plans to be at my in-laws for Thanksgiving. Being at their [...]

A Mikveh Adventure

We went to Puerto Rico for vacation. Got badly sunburned. I mean, really badly. Like sun poisoning. Both me [...]

Coming Home to Depression

My husband is a warm, funny, generous person. Together we discovered the most wonderful facets of couplehood, of moving [...]

Wanting and Not Touching

When I first saw the young man at an NCSY Shabbaton, my first thought was that “he’s so cute.” [...]


Trigger warning: this blog contains explicit and sensitive material about pregnancy loss. Should we get pregnant? It was a [...]

The Time I Said NO

Here’s the thing with the mikveh. For me. I don’t like to go, but I go. I go when [...]


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