A Letter to My Baby

(Content warning: pregnancy loss) Dear baby, You’re seven centimetres, going on eight. You're active, moving around so much, spinning [...]

Male Infertility

As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango” and when conceiving this holds very true. Whilst we all [...]

Mikveh After Loss

That lady at the mikveh…She caught my eye and I just stood there staring. The person staring back at me [...]

Mikveh and IVF

Photo by Luis Galvez Another night at the mikveh. I hold the towel close, and look in the [...]

May This Year be THE Year

Photo Courtesy of Rivka Levine First published on The Eden Center blog in September, 2016 It was nearly [...]

The Final Immersion

I can still feel a tiny twinge of pain deep inside me as I reach my hand out to turn [...]

Infertility and Niddah

Provides halakhic information and coping strategies for women experiencing infertility, with a focus on transforming [...]

The Waters of the Yam Suf

This Pesach, we have been invited out for dinner on the seventh night of pesach to a family who has [...]


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