Where Did I Come From?’
By: Peter Mayle
Illustrated by: Arthur Robins
Designed by: Paul Walker
Published by: Lyle Stuart Inc.
Copyright 1973

‘Where Did I Come From’ takes its readers on the full baby making journey- from sex (referred to in the book as ‘making love’) to fertilization, through nine months of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. The book, written for children, offers fundamental information while spicing the facts with good humor throughout!

Since it is written for children, ‘Where Did I Come From?’ is a picture book. The pictures are sweet, sometimes funny and include fully nude drawings of a man and woman.

As with most any book about sexuality I recommend using this book only as part of an ongoing discussion with children. Here are some suggestions of several points which I feel need further explanation:

For a Jewish audience, it’s important to note that there is a mention of Christmas when discussing myths of how children are born.

There is also an African American version of the book, the only difference is the skin color of the illustrated characters.

The humorous approach may be a boon for some, or a turn off for others, but it definitely helps promote a relaxed attitude when parents want to discuss the topic of sex with their younger children.

I recommend this book to parents looking for an engaging way to open the discussion about sex and childbirth, especially if you’re looking for a book that is in sync with traditional values.