Dear Woman,

Your mikveh experience is your time. It can be a time where you connect with yourself, your spirituality and your husband. Many women think of mikveh as a means to an end, a walkway that you must walk through on the way to intimacy.

But really, mikveh is an end in itself, and a starting point for everything that is to come. We can only be as intimate with someone else as we are with ourselves, and mikveh is that time to connect with our body, our souls, our spirit and all of who we are.

Use these journal questions and writing prompts in the days leading up to your mikveh experience, to get closer to yourself. Use it to understand yourself and honor your process. You are precious, and your time spent on mikveh is an affirmation of that.

When we want healthy intimacy, there are three steps that we can use towards getting that:-

  1. Return to yourself. This is what the days of abstinence and counting are for.
  1. Take really good care of all your needs. This is what the time of mikveh is for, and these journal prompts will help you understand what that care looks like for you.
  1. Connect from a place of wholeness.

When we follow these steps, we can love and be loved with a full heart. We can allow ourselves to be seen, supported and appreciated. We can be comfortable in our own skin. We can take really good care of ourselves and our partner. We can feel alive and revitalized in our relationship. And mikveh can be a time that brings us all the blessings we want. 

Here are 12 journal prompts to help you prepare for your mikveh experience. As you consider them, write down whatever comes to mind. There is no perfect way to answer them, and each thing we write brings us closer to understanding our own truth. If you don’t feel inclined to write, simply ask these questions of yourself and allow the answers to come to you throughout the day. 

  1. What does your perfect mikveh experience look like?
  2. What is one thing that would make your mikveh experience better?
  3. When do you feel most relaxed and what is it that relaxes you? How can you do that for yourself?
  4.  How does the word “sex” make you feel? Gently observe any beliefs that you have around physical intimacy that no longer work to your benefit. What beliefs would you like to replace them with?
  5. How would you like your husband to show up for you?
  6. How is you being who you are, a gift and blessing to your relationship?
  7.  How would you like to contribute and give in your marriage? 
  8. For what would you like to be noticed and appreciated?
  9. How can you practically make the mikveh experience easier for you? 
  10. How does the mikveh feel like a spiritual experience for you?
  11. If nothing stood in the way of you having the most amazing mikveh night experience, what would it be like?
  12. What do you need right now and what small step can you take towards getting it?

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