This course provides tips and direction for bridging between “the ideal” and “the real” of observance to recharge and refresh your mikveh experience and the time before, during and after mikveh.

Keeping the Waters Fresh is a two-part series for women to enable us to reinvigorate our tevilla experience, and make the time before, during and after immersion as smooth and positive as possible.

This course brings together halakha, spirituality, and ideas for our interpersonal and intimate relationship to infuse our transition from niddah to taharah with positive potential. In the halakhic section we examine common misunderstandings that unnecessarily complicate or put a strain on observance. Likewise, the course offers suggestions for making mikveh meaningful, and for enhancing the intimate relationship the is renewed following tevilla.

Each session is a stand-alone unit and understandable even if one did not attend the other part of the series.

I gained so much from rethinking my own relationship to the mikveh, and practical things I can do to make mikveh more meaningful. The suggestions for intimacy were also very helpful, even though I am very satisfied in my relationship. I really enjoyed participating and would recommend this series to my friends.” (Julie)

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