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This Kallah Teacher Continuing Education series, will help guide Kallah teachers on various topics to help you sharpen your skills and keep up to date with important topics that can affect your teaching. We will be continously adding sessions, and our goal is to have one session every 4-6 weeks.

Past sessions (recording available):

Gabrielle Hodes on Teaching a Hatan and Kallah Together (December 12th, 2022).

Aura Sutton on Teaching a Sepharadi Kallah: Psak & Minhagim of Hilchot Niddah According to Hacham Ovadia (January 15th, 2023).

Dr. Judith Fogel on When Do I Need to Refer to a Sex Therapist? Case Studies and Discussion (February 12th, 2023).

Gabrielle Hodes on How to Teach Harchakot (April 30th, 2023).


Upcoming sessions:
Judith Schwed-Lion on How Tools of Mediation Can Enhance Your Teaching – date TBD