A Letter to My Baby

(Content warning: pregnancy loss) Dear baby, You’re seven centimetres, going on eight. You're active, moving around so much, spinning [...]

Feast Your Senses!

Even while at war, and in a time of challenge and despair, we know it is so important to [...]

Emerging from the Waters Reborn

The Eden Center values offering different perspectives on how we can connect spiritually with the practice of mivkeh, and [...]

Mikveh in Miluim

The original version of this blog was published on The Times of Israel, and has been reprinted with permission. [...]

Light one Light

It’s definitely donut season in Israel, where even snacks are seasonal. The closer we get to Hanukkah, the more [...]

Dear Bride 2

My Dear Bride In a few hours you're going to be walking down the aisle of your chuppah. What [...]

Seeing Things Differently

 “Spotting, third time in a row.”  “Oh, how awful for you.”  “Ugh, guess where I have to go the [...]


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