One Shabbat afternoon I was at the park, discussing our birth control frustrations with a friend. She mentioned that she is using the Nuvaring and she can’t take it anymore because the last 2 days of her cycle she is a wreck. That made me think about what I’ve been going through…which is, the same thing! The last two days of my Nuvaring cycle I was an emotional mess every month. 

Over the years I’ve tried many different types of birth  control. I’ve tried the pill, the mini pill, an IUD, and the Nuvaring. Each one had its own set of side effects. Even if I didn’t know it while I was using it, after the fact, I realized something was different about me during the time I was using each of these types of contraception. 

With the pill, at times I was more moody. With the mini pill, I experienced on and off spotting. Then, with the IUD I suffered with much heavier periods. Finally, I tried the Nuvaring which wasn’t great either, as I mentioned earlier. 

I was DONE with the moods, spotting, heavy periods and transforming into an emotional basket case, and I realized it was time for me to explore other options of contraception. That’s how I discovered the diaphragm! The diaphragm is a form of  contraception which doesn’t have hormonal, nor any other type of unwanted effect on my body.

At first I was apprehensive about trying it. How effective could a diaphragm be? Would it be uncomfortable? Would it affect spontaneity?

Once I looked into it, I found out that if fitted by a trained professional and also used correctly, a diaphragm used with spermicide has a success rate of up to 97%. Really? Such a high percentage? That was much higher than I expected!

After trying it out, I realized I didn’t even feel it!  And as for spontaneity? What’s that, with 5 little kids? (LOL)!

Finding this option was a game changer for me. I finally felt that I found a birth control method that I’m happy with. 

The more women I speak with, the more I realize how many women are suffering from the side effects of using hormonal birth control. In most instances, the medical professional treating these women, unfortunately failed to mention the diaphragm as an effective and valid alternative. 

When I was looking to get fitted I realized there aren’t enough professionals working in this field.  So, I thought to myself I need to learn this! I need to be able to help women discover there is another option of a contraceptive out there.

I was trained by a very experienced professional diaphragm fitter by the name of Efrat Tzur. After completing my training and stag with Efrat, I decided to open a private clinic in my home. 

Clients whom I have had the privilege to help with using the diaphragm have expressed to me how grateful they are to have discovered this method of contraception. 

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*The Eden Center does not endorse one type of birth control or another, nor take a halakhic position on which type is appropriate for any woman. This blog is informational to raise awareness to different types of birth control that women may choose within a halakhic lifestyle.