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Tikvat Hatahara


This publication on mikveh for women with a breast cancer diagnosis or BRCA outlines the halakhic, medical and psychological aspects of immersion.

Tikvah V’Tahara


A mikveh attendant’s guide to breast cancer, including the emotional, medical and halakhic challenges faced by mikveh users.

Tefillon for Guests at a Wedding


A beautiful leaflet of prayers to be said by guests during a chuppah, with prayers for health, parnassa, a marriage built on trust and partnership, etc. Available for use at your wedding.

Birkat Emunah


A collection of tefillot, reflections and guidance to enhance the Mikveh experience for women struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss.

Breast Health Poster


Poster specially-designed for mikvehs, reminding women to conduct breast checks and providing tips for breast health.

7 Kavanot


Seven intentions for mikveh preparation that can help to create a mindful immersion, with spiritual guidance accompanying the physical preparations.



Local resource guide for women in the Gush Etzion area, including information about mikvehs, women’s health, addiction, domestic abuse and much more.

Breast Cancer Awareness & Sensitivity Guide for Mikveh Attendants


Guide for mikveh attendants on the emotional, medical and halakhic challenges faced by mikveh users with breast cancer

11 Myths about Sexual Pleasure


Written in conjunction with Maze Women’s Sexual Health and targeting religious women, this is a Hebrew list of 11 myths about sexual pleasure.

Sex Education Bibliography


A selected reading list for helping parents educate children of all ages and backgrounds about sexuality, puberty, and reproductive health.

Podcasts and Lecture Videos

Listen below to: How we Keep the Mikveh and Ourselves Safe and Healthy — A Lecture for Mikveh Attendants with Professor Mitchell Schwaber, Director of the National Center for Infection Control, Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, and Rav Rafi Ostroff, Head of the Religious Council in Gush Etzion 
מוזמנות להקשיב ל: איך לשמור על המקווה ועצמנו בריאות בעת קורונה – שיעור לבלניות עם פרופ’ מיטשל שוואבר, מנהל היחידה הארצית למחלות זיהומיות, הרב שמואל אליהו, והרב רפי אוסטרוף, ראש מועצה דתית גוש עציון

Wisdom and Wellness for Women: A Weekly Parsha Podcast with R’ Shani Taragin

Sponsored by Shani Taragin with love for her very special mother, Mrs. Bobbie Feiner

Sponsored in memory of Sheri Grauer Raskas z”l, Shoshana Leah bat Harav Moshe

Sponsored in honor of Yaakov Shalom Taragin’s bar mitzvah. We wish Rabbanit Shani, Rav Reuven and the extended Taragin family a hearty Mazal Tov!

Sponsored in honor of Hadassa Emuna Gluch’s bat mitzvah and b’zchut refuah shelaima to all those that are in need. 

Sponsored in honor of Hadassah Esther Leah Pieprz’s 18th birthday by her beloved grandparents.

Sponsored by Lisa and Murray Goldenhersh in honor of their son, Akiva’s engagement to Penina Simkovitz and, in memory of Etana Sara Gordon Freidman’s yarzheit on כ”ז אדר.

 In honor of Joey and Sari Shabot. Thank you for opening up your home for The Eden Center and helping to spread our work.

Sponsored by the Pinsky family in loving memory of Hayley Varenberg, a true eshet chayel that will be dearly missed.

Sponsored by Tamar and Tani Benovitz and family in memory of Tamar’s dear mom, Sheri Raskas.

Sponsored by Medinah and Akiva Korn in memory of Medinah’s mother Rosalie Katchen z”l, who always had wisdom to share and celebrated the gift of wellness in this season.

Sponsored this week for the refuah shlema of Debbie Abelow, דבורה בת ניסה עטל, and by Caryn & David Meltz in memory of David’s father, Noach Moshe z”l on the occasion of his 18th yahrzeit.

Sponsored this week by Naomi and Zvi Grumet in honor of Michal Zalben’s Bat Mitzvah, wishing her a life of wisdom and wellness, and for the refuah of אליהו מיכאל בן חיה פייגה.

Sponsored by Nadine and Avromie Brauner in memory of Alan Moses and
anonymously, in honor of Sophie Samter’s Bat Mitzva. Wishing her a life of wisdom and wellness.

Sponsored by Devorah and Yosef Steinmetz
לעילוי נשמת קלמן צבי בן יוסף, יעקב בן ישעיהו ורבקה בריינדל בת צבי הירש בתקווה לברכה “וירב העם ויעצמו מאוד”

Listen as The Wisdom and Wellness Podcast hosts Dr. Sharon Galper Grossman for a discussion on BRCA testing:

Below is a list of Eden Center Podcasts which you may listen to below or subscribe to the series in iTunes.

[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”Birth Control and Halacha (Hebrew) 14.02.2012″ style=”fancy”] אמצעי מניעה שונים
Lecture given by Rabbi Beny Lau and Dr Diana Fletcher. Introduction by Dafna Feller.
אמצעי מניעה שונים – היבטים רפואיים, הלכתיים ורגשיים. עם הרב בני לאו, דר דיאנה פלשר. מנחה דפנה פלר [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”I Thought I knew My Body: A Halachic and Medical Perspective on Perimenopause (Hebrew) 07.01.2013″ style=”fancy”] חשבתי שאני כבר מכירה את הגוף שלי
Lecture by Rabbanit Shani Taragin  (Also appropriate for women in their 20’s and 30’s) [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Mikveh as part of Yom Kippur Preparation (Hebrew) 10.09.2013″ style=”fancy”] מקווה כחלק מההכנה ליום הכיפורים
Lecture by Iris Singer [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Pleasure and Enjoyment in Judaism (Hebrew) 29.04.2013″ style=”fancy”] העונג והתענוג ביהדות
Lecture by Rav Cherlow (Rosh Yeshivat Hesder Petach Tikvah and Head Tzohar Rabbi) [/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]

If you are interested in hearing a recording of any of our classes, please contact us at lectures@theEdenCenter.com

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Academic Articles
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מקוה ישראל ה’: טבילה בראשית החסידות | ציפי קויפמן

טומאת יולדת | יהודה הנקין

על מקווה וטבילה – גליון דעות

גבולות האחריות של הבלנית – הרב ד”ר בנימין לאו

ועתה אחותי החרישי – תניה צ’יפמן

האם הדרכת הכלות והחתנים בחברה הדתית-ציונית מכינה זוגות לחיים משותפים?  נעמי מרמון גרומט

הסרת הקסם מאהבה הרומנטית והשבתו לחיק המשפחה: ספרי הדרכה דתיים לזוגיות מתמודדים עם גרי התרבות המערבית – דויטש & אנגלברג

Saying Shehekhiyanu on Tevilla when Immersing for the First Time

Meaning Making Under the Sacred Canopy: The Role of Orthodox Jewish Marriage Guidebooks — Nurit Novis-Deutsch & Ari Engelberg

Women and Water – Wasserfall

Reflections on Contemporary Mikveh Practice – Naomi Marmon

The transmission of sexual mores, norms of procreation and gender expectations through pre-marital counseling (Hadrakhat Hatanim/Kallot) – Naomi Marmon Grumet

LIVED REGULATIONS, SYSTEMIC ATTRIBUTIONS Menstrual Separation and Ritual Immersion in the Experience of Orthodox Jewish Women – Hartman & Marmon

Voices of Mikveh Observance

Gender Differences in Messages about Sexuality in Religious Education – Naomi Marmon Grumet

Exposing Tzniut: Reflections Towards a Redefinition of Modesty – Naomi Marmon Grumet

The article “Mikveh for Women on Erev Yom Kippur,” printed in Le’ela Sept 1998, is linked here with express permission from London School of Jewish Studies, which published the journal.

Maimonodies Menstrual Reform in Egypt – Dr. Eve Krakowski

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