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Wisdom and Wellness for Women: A Weekly Parsha Podcast with R’ Shani Taragin

Parshat Beshalach: Waters of Wellness and BRCA Testing – פרשת בשלח

Sponsored this week for the refuah shlema of Debbie Abelow, דבורה בת ניסה עטל, and by Caryn & David Meltz in memory of David’s father, Noach Moshe z”l on the occasion of his 18th yahrzeit.

Parshat Bo: Minding the Moon & Tuning In to Time – פרשת בא

Sponsored this week by Naomi and Zvi Grumet in honor of Michal Zalben’s Bat Mitzvah, wishing her a life of wisdom and wellness, and for the refuah of אליהו מיכאל בן חיה פייגה.

Parshat Va’era: The Curtain of Redemption–Where Will You Stand? – פרשת וארא

Sponsored by Nadine and Avromie Brauner in memory of Alan Moses and
anonymously, in honor of Sophie Samter’s Bat Mitzva. Wishing her a life of wisdom and wellness.

Parshat Shemot: Shifra and Puah- Planting the Seeds of Redemption – פרשת שמות

Sponsored by Devorah and Yosef Steinmetz
לעילוי נשמת קלמן צבי בן יוסף, יעקב בן ישעיהו ורבקה בריינדל בת צבי הירש בתקווה לברכה “וירב העם ויעצמו מאוד”

Listen as The Wisdom and Wellness Podcast hosts Dr. Sharon Galper Grossman for a discussion on BRCA testing:

Below is a list of Eden Center Podcasts which you may listen to below or subscribe to the series in iTunes.

Birth Control and Halacha (Hebrew) 14.02.2012
אמצעי מניעה שונים
Lecture given by Rabbi Beny Lau and Dr Diana Fletcher. Introduction by Dafna Feller.
אמצעי מניעה שונים – היבטים רפואיים, הלכתיים ורגשיים. עם הרב בני לאו, דר דיאנה פלשר. מנחה דפנה פלר
I Thought I knew My Body: A Halachic and Medical Perspective on Perimenopause (Hebrew) 07.01.2013
 חשבתי שאני כבר מכירה את הגוף שלי
Lecture by Rabbanit Shani Taragin  (Also appropriate for women in their 20’s and 30’s)
Mikveh as part of Yom Kippur Preparation (Hebrew) 10.09.2013
מקווה כחלק מההכנה ליום הכיפורים
Lecture by Iris Singer
Pleasure and Enjoyment in Judaism (Hebrew) 29.04.2013
העונג והתענוג ביהדות
Lecture by Rav Cherlow (Rosh Yeshivat Hesder Petach Tikvah and Head Tzohar Rabbi)

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Tikvah V’Tahara


A mikveh attendant’s guide to breast cancer, including the emotional, medical and halakhic challenges faced by mikveh users.

Tefillon for Guests at a Wedding


A beautiful leaflet of prayers to be said by guests during a chuppah, with prayers for health, parnassa, a marriage built on trust and partnership, etc. Available for use at your wedding.

Birkat Emunah


A collection of tefillot, reflections and guidance to enhance the Mikveh experience for women struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss.

Breast Health Poster


Poster specially-designed for mikvehs, reminding women to conduct breast checks and providing tips for breast health.