img_4204Tailored towards parents of kids of a certain age and hashkafa, this course will help you articulate when, what and how you would like to teach your children about sex.

The course adapts to religious communities and sensibilities and helps maintain the balance of tzniut and responsible education. At what age should we get rid of the stork image? What language should we use for body parts? Do we explain where Mommy goes to get her hair wet every month? How do we educate towards responsible appreciation of sexuality and the balance with tzniut?

The timing of this course couldn’t have been better as my 8 year old had told me that he’d been hearing strange things in school which he didn’t believe. Luckily, the course gave me the tools to answer his questions and set the record straight on the information he had heard from his friends.” (A. course participant, Beit Shemesh)

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