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About Jodi Wachspress

Jodi Wachspress is the Director of the Oasis Center and runs a private practice in Modiin. She is trained as an art therapist, is a marriage and family therapist, and is a certified couples and sex therapist. Jodi developed and leads the Intimacy and Halakha series that has run in Beit Shemesh, Raanana, Modiin, and Givat Shmuel, as well as having taught in and facilitated the Advanced Kallah teacher training course.

Why Isn’t He Aroused? Issues in Male Sexual Functioning – Part 2

This is the fun part! The part where curiosity, exploration and playfulness are key.  Feeling comfortable exploring our own sexuality and our ‘couple sexuality’ is not always easy.  It may be a bit awkward at first as many people have been brought up with the notion that talking about sex and sexuality is immodest or not “tzanua”.  Open communication is essential in all areas of our relationships--refraining from such open conversation in many circumstances can lead to great marital discord.   The results of a couple exploring and discovering on their own what helps or impedes arousal are tremendous.  

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