The Eden Center envisions mikveh as much more than a ritual bath; we foresee a women’s center with educational workshops and health and halakhic resources in a welcoming and respectful environment.  This complex will include an educational wing, spa and salon services, health professionals and a gym and would serve as a model for communities around the world.  Eden believes in women’s voices being heard at every stage of the planning and administration to create a space and atmosphere that enables personally meaningful immersion experiences.

Our vision of The Eden Center Mikveh is comprised of four wings:

  • Ritual: a beautiful and inviting mikveh.
  • Enrichment: an educational center offering lectures and curricula on women’s health and intimacy, pre-marital preparation, lifecycle changes, and more.
  • Wellbeing: a spa, exercise studio, and beauty facilities.
  • Women’s Health: medical, therapeutic and halakhic resources.

Our goal is to create a mikveh in Jerusalem based on this vision, that will serve as a model for all Jewish communities.  At present, we offer our expertise to others on a consulting basis, to help you incorporate aspects of the vision in your community, and enhance the mikveh experience for women in your community physically and emotionally.