Next course begins on December 27, 2020.

This programs combines knowledge of the halakah needed for tevillah, understanding of an attendant’s role, and practical guidance with a broad view of the emotional, women’s health and crisis issues that can come to light at the mikveh. The training gives attendants tools to identify and sensitively approach issues such as domestic violence, postpartum depression, infertility and miscarriage, disability, mental health, and other personal issues. In addition, the program emphasizes sensitivity and inclusion; attendants learn how to “give space” and recognize the different needs of the range of women who use the mikveh to improve the mikveh experience.

This course is ONLY for women who are already kallah teachers or balaniot without certification. 

 The course is 14 weeks. It is currently offered online.

The program has certification from the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs, and all participants will receive a certificate of graduation approved by the Ministry.

For those who are not yet madrichot or working in the field, and are interested in becoming mikveh attendants, see the full program here

Mikveh Attendant Course for Kallah Teachers Interest