• Eden Center Membership

    The Eden Center  invites you to be our partner and help sustain our work. By taking membership, you show your support and allow us to continue to provide quality programming to the Jewish community. Donations are tax deductible in NIS, USD, CAD, GBP
    The following sponsorship levels are available:
    • Member ₪720 /$216 (12*18)*
    • Contributor ₪1,000 /$300
    • Supporter ₪1,800 /$500
    • Partner ₪2,500 /$750
    • Donor's Circle ₪3,600 /$1,000**
    • Sustainer ₪5,000 /$1,500
    • Patron ₪7,200 /$2,160 (120*18)
    • Benefactor ₪10,000 /$3,000
    *Member levels include:
    • Free entrance to community programming (including online programming) for one year
    • Attribution in materials/website
    • Exclusive programming just for members
    **Donor's Circle and above 
    • includes all member benefits PLUS participation in 1 professional training course
    Please keep your donation receipt number for entrance to events If you would like to make a smaller donation, please go to this link
  • לעמוד זה בעברית לחץ כאן

    Please join The Eden Center for a live performance of "Mikveh" at Habima Theater in Tel Aviv
    March 3, 2020 at 20:00
    Followed by an exclusive panel discussion for Eden Center participants
    Tickets: ₪100
    Sponsor Ticket: ₪180
    After purchase, tickets will be held at the box office for collection on the evening of the play
    About the Play 
    "Mikveh" explores the humane space of the encounters that take place in the physical space of the mikveh. Below the still waters of the mikveh flow the secrets and the lies in the lives of eight women - eight stories destined to be bound together by one wave of courage, truth and understanding the deep power of sisterhood.
    About our panel:
    Directly following the play, Eden Center Board Chair Idit Rubin will engage Osnat Fishman (Lead actress), Rabbanit Shani Taragin, R' Sarah Segal-Katz and Eden Center CEO and Founder Dr.Naomi Marmon Grumet in a dynamic discussion about the often complicated relationship women have with the mikveh, and the successful production of a play that seeks to reflect both the collective and personal experience.
    Both the play and panel discussion will be in Hebrew
    For questions please contact
      The following sponsorships are also available: Friend ₪500*
    Supporter ₪1000*
    Partner ₪1500*
    Patron ₪2500*
    Sustainer ₪5000*
    Benefactor ₪7500*
    *Sponsorship above ₪500 includes:
    • 2 complimentary tickets
    • Attribution in materials/website
    With confirmation of purchase, tickets will be put aside at the box office for collection on the evening of the play
  • Podcast Sponsorship

    $100-$1,800 Sponsor a Week of Wisdom and Wellness for Women: A Weekly Parsha Podcast featuring Rabbanit Shani Taragin Exclusive sponsorships can be reserved for a minimum donation of $360 (₪1240) Please fill in the following details for sponsorship:

    • Please ensure to include Country Code.
    After pressing submit please "Add to Cart" to proceed to payment
  • Sale!

    Mikveh Attendant Training Course

    In The Eden Center Mikveh Attendant Training Course, attendants learn halakha as well as communication skills, how to identify and address crucial women's and crisis issues, how to direct those in need to comprehensive help and support, and how to provide the best possible mikveh experience.
  • Eden's Hatan Teacher Training Course combines in-depth halakhic learning with material in the psychological and social issues you need to help guide a hatan. The course includes discussion time and frontal learning of topics such as sexuality, communication, birth control, red flags, prenuptial agreements, curriculum building and more. Dr. Dan Jacobson directs the course. 18 weeks, 3 hours per week. Please continue to pay the course fee - this can be done in instalments via credit card, or payments can me made via PayPal. Registration and Cancellation Policies at The Eden Center:
    • Courses are dependent on a minimum number of participants. The Eden Center holds the right to close a course/lecture if the minimum amount of participants do not register.
    • Participants will pay for the full course, even if they miss sessions, except for instances of illness lasting three weeks or more. Request for a refund must be accompanied by a doctor’s notice, to be procured within 15 days of the refund request.
    • There may be changes in the order of sessions in the course and in the lecturers who present.
    • All switches from one course to another will be done only in agreement with the administration and recalculation of cost of participation.
    • In event of cancellation participation, all discounts and scholarships are null and void. The participant will be charged in full for the time they were in the course.
    • Payment of the registration or course fees is confirmation of acceptance of the stipulations stated above.
    • A non refundable 250₪ registration fee applies to all lectures and programs
    Course Payment:
    • The non refundable Registration Fee must be paid before the start of the course
    • Full course payment, or an agreed payment plan, must be finalized by Week 4 of the course in order to be able to continue participating.  This includes the arrangement of any work-study scholarships.
    Cancellation Policy for a Course:
    • Cancellation up until 7 days (all calendar days) prior to beginning of course- full refund (excluding the non refundable registration fee)
    • Cancellation up until 3 weeks (21 calendar days) after beginning of course- 80% refund
    • Cancellation after three weeks from beginning of course- no refund
    • Every cancellation must be made in writing to the Eden Center and must include date of cancellation, number of classes already attended and reason for cancellation. The date the email is received determines the calculation of cancellation.
    • Your refund will be completed on the day of the cancellation, as allowed, or at the nearest possible date and no later than 7 business days after cancellation is submitted, via cash, bank transfer or PayPal.
    Course Graduation: In order to receive your graduation certificate, the following must occur:
    • Pass the final test
    • Participation in a minimum 85% of whole classes (i.e. not partial class attendance)
    • Payment made in full or the establishment of a payment plan
    • Work-Study scholarship tasks completed (where applicable)
  • Podcast Sponsorship

    Thank you for sponsoring a podcast. Each submission (minimum 136 shekel) will allow you one podcast sponsorship (except an 1800 shekel sponsorship which enables 12 months).  Please feel free to choose which podcast you would like to sponsor and ensure to fill in the dedication details.  We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy listening to the podcast. If you have any thoughts on topics you would like to be presented in future podcasts, please feel free to let us know by clicking here.
  • This course will include halakhic pieces, discussion and examination of case studies, and presentation of topics including: sexuality, anxiety, body image, struggling with niddah and more.  This course is targeted to existing Kallah Teachers.  The course costs 1100₪ plus a 250₪ non-refundable registration fee.  There is a 150₪ discount for participants who completed The Eden Center's Basic Kallah Course.  
  • Mikveh Minute Sponsorship

    Sponsor a Week of Mikveh Minute with Gabrielle Hodes Please fill in the following details for sponsorship:

    • Please ensure to include Country Code.
    After pressing submit please "Add to Cart" to proceed to payment
  • Thank you for your registration to participate in our 8 week Sexual Abuse Curriculum Training Course, together with Magen, Core and Shalom Task Force. The total cost of the course is 549 shekel - USD149 (including a 100 shekel - USD27 registration fee). Please note your place will only be reserved for you once we have received payment. Looking forward to you joining us.
  • The cost of production and mailing is 18 NIS in Israel*. We appreciate any additional donation you can make to allow The Eden Center to continue to produce meaningful guides such as Birkat Emunah. Thank you in advance for your generosity. *If you are requesting a copy sent outside of Israel please contact us by email for pricing (


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