Taharah In Living Color: Identifying Niddah is a two-part series to empower women to take an active role in assessing their own personal status niddah (ritual impurity).

tahara2Menstrual stains that affect the niddah status of a woman vary in color and many women typically feel that assessing the colors is beyond their personal reach and that they must consult with a rabbi. After completion of this two part course with real samples and practice, women are able to discern when it’s necessary or unnecessary to consult with an authority regarding their status, thus simplifying their lives and avoiding needless worry when confusing situations arise.


I never imagined that I could attend a course like this, I thought that only yoetzot halakha could have access to this kind of learning. I know that I can’t pasken for anyone else but I feel so much more comfortable for myself and think that every kallah teacher should teach this in such a hands on way. I loved the course and would highly recommend it to my friends.” (D., course participant)

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