This special conference for Mikveh Attendants invites attendants to join in the conversation. Our goals are to hear your voices, support your needs, and enhance your knowledge of medical topics that can arise in your interaction with tovlot.

Focus of the Day:

Challenges in the Work of a Mikveh Attendant | Health Concerns in the Life-Cycle of a Mikveh-goer

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Har Hatzofim, Jerusalem

30nis (includes dairy lunch (Badatz mehudar)

Transportation provided from anywhere in the country*

The conference is co-sponsored by Hadassah Hospital and Torat HaMishpacha

Spaces Limited: Register HERE , by phone: 054-523-1201 or 054-251-6636 or by email:

*Minimum of 10 attendants per region is needed for free transportation. Please email us at with your name, contact information, address and moetza if you are interested.