Morot Halakha

The Eden Center is proud of its partnership with the Matan HaSharon Morot l’Halakha program. Under the leadership of Rabbanit Shani Taragin, Matan HaSharon is training female halakhic experts, focusing on the areas of Taharat Hamishpacha and mitzvot related to life cycle events.

The Eden Center provides education and enrichment in areas which supplement participants’ study of the halakhic parameters, concentrating on areas such as intimacy, health, and the mikveh experience to help these future Morot l’Halakha understand how real life experience and halakha intertwine.

The Eden Center will provide 50-60 hours of training to the Morot l’Halakha in the form of lectures and small group work.

“It’s really exciting to think not only what the halakha has to say about an issue (like whether or not this stain is a problem), but also to know about the medical aspects and connect to the emotions that the woman who is asking might be feeling.”

Eden LA

Eden’s impactful programming is now also serving the Los Angeles community through the Eden-LA Prevention and Intervention Training for Rebbetzins and Mikveh Attendants.

Mikveh attendants and other female community leaders are gaining knowledge about women’s health and well-being, learning intervention and referral skills, and being guided in how to help those in crisis through Eden’s 12-week course. Local organizations and services are presenting material on topics include domestic abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, postpartum depression, infertility, sensitive communication, breast cancer, menopause and more. Each professional presentation is followed by group work led by the course facilitator that includes dialogue, self-exploration, role-plays and discussion. This interactive format is intended to build knowledge, skills and practical tools that will enable women to intervene and refer women to professionals, as well as familiarizing them with local organizations and services to whom they can refer.

Almost 60 women from the Valley, North Beverly Hills, Pico-Robertson and the Fairfax-La Brea communities are currently participating.

eden-laAn all-star team of facilitators and lecturers, along with Eden’s guidance and expertise, make it an incredible opportunity.

Group facilitators: Debbie Fox, Jill Kapenstein, Shirley Lebovics, Batya Nourparvar, Raizel Rubin, Chaya Sauer, Sima Semmel, and Debbie Summers

Among the Haskamot: Rabbi Bess, Rabbi Muskin, Rabbi Revach, Rabbi Schusterman, Rabbi Topp, Rabbi Union, and Rabbi Zargarirabbi-bess-la

“I really loved all the presentations and the group process where we discussed how we would implement these ideas in our work and how the issues arise with regards to the mikveh. I especially appreciated the role playing and seeing the techniques in action, which was so helpful and important. There’s also a sense of validation that I’ve been doing things properly for the last 30 years!”- Mikveh Attendant, Los Angeles