Comprehensive training that incorporates issues of sexuality and intimacy, abuse prevention, birth control and other topics with the halakhic learning to guide a bride into marriage.

 Eden’s Basic Kallah Teacher Training prepares women to become kallah teachers with a solid understanding of the halakha, who can equip their students with tools to pave the way for a strong marital relationship. In addition to the halakha, the course prepares teachers to deal with a variety of issues that can arise, with a focus on challenges around the wedding and the first years of marriage. It also provides teachers with resources to identify domestic or sexual abuse, and know how to intervene in such situations—empowering them not only to potentially save a marriage, but even save a life.

Topics covered in the course are taught by experts in their fields, such as Dr. David Ribner, Rabbanit Shani Taragin, Dr. Yardena Hyman and Dr. Diana Fletcher and include:

  • Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Birth Control Methods/Family Planning
  • Pleasure and Desire
  • Fertility Impediments
  • Identifying Abuse
  • Shalom Bayit (Marital Harmony)
  • Health Issues
  • Financial Planning
  • Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Challenges
  • How to Teach a Range of Kallot

This 90 academic-hour course combines top professional presentations, group processing, and pedagogic skills to educate you in how to best guide a couple – pre and post wedding.

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