This 4-part course explores relationships and intimacy within a halakhic context, discussing female sexuality, body image, mikveh and niddah, as well as common challenges of married life.

This course, led by a sex therapist and a yoetzet halakha, seeks to educate respectfully and thoroughly about female sexuality and enhance your marital experience. Topics include the sexual response cycle, halahkic guidelines, mindfulness, enhancing pleasure, common challenges, body image, different stages of sexual relationships and tips for niddah and mikveh night challenges. In a modest but open environment, women learn from experts and naturally reflect. The common reaction to this course is ‘Wow, I wish I learned more when I was getting married and how can I learn more now?!’

“I was very impressed by the first session. I enjoyed being able to sit back and have time to reflect on my own marriage and intimacy. I feel like I’m constantly running and spending so much energy on the kids that having this time to spend on me and us is equally important.” –R., Course participant

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