Rachel Cohen

About Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen is a proud warrior who went into battle with endometriosis and emerged to tell the tale. She advocates for women with endometriosis by arming them with the accurate information necessary to take control of their own disease and get the proper medical care they deserve. Rachel also writes about her personal experiences through poetry, pros, and blog articles so that women who suffer don’t have to feel so alone. She would be happy to speak to anyone who is interested in learning more about endometriosis and can be reached at ownyourendo@gmail.com.

אמש רציתי למות

הלוואי שהייתי יכולה לומר שכל מה שרודף אותי הם התסמינים הגופניים של אנדומטריוזיס. לצערי לא כך הם פני הדברים. לכל כאב גופני שטורד נשים שסובלות מאנדומטריוזיס, יש מרכיב רגשי הרסני לא פחות.