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The Eden Center's training programs give professionals the knowledge and tools to support Jewish women and couples as they learn to observe the laws of niddah and mikveh. We believe that professional training must incorporate information about intimacy, abuse, and physical and mental health, as well as halacha, so that professionals can understand and offer holistic support.


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Thank you for seeing us as [God's] messengers, who have the ability to identify and refer women going through distress, just as in times of joy. Thank you for giving us tools to help us make immersion a meaningful experience, while being able to help women in the community. Thank you for broadening our ability to ask, and for allowing us to be excited and experience what we learned in every context—at work, at home, in our daily interactions – with real joy. Thank you for thinking of every detail, for giving us so much, and more than anything – for caring, and showing us how to care!

Sigalit, Graduate of The Mikveh Attendant Training Course, Rosh HaAyin 2019

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