Emerging from the Waters Reborn

The Eden Center values offering different perspectives on how we can connect spiritually with the practice of mivkeh, and [...]

Mikveh in Miluim

The original version of this blog was published on The Times of Israel, and has been reprinted with permission. [...]

The Manufacturing of Mikvaot

A wise man once said “Because of our traditions we have kept our balance for many, many years…Because of [...]

Dear Bride

Hello my dear bride,  I just want to wish you a big big mazal tov! This is such an [...]

Not All Lakes Are Made Equal

These summer months have been busy. People traveled the world. Yet, monthly menstruation didn’t stop and women across the [...]

Mikveh Tips

There was a recent post in the Facebook group Jewish Women Talk About Intimacy, where a new bride was preparing [...]

Intern Pick Blog

When I made the decision to do an internship program in Israel this summer, I never imagined that my [...]


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