Not All Lakes Are Made Equal

These summer months have been busy. People traveled the world. Yet, monthly menstruation didn’t stop and women across the [...]

Tahara in Living Color

You may also be interested in some of our other upcoming programs that can be viewed on our home [...]

Our Cycles, Our Seasons

As a menstrual cycle awareness advocate, activist and educator, I am extremely passionate about helping women rediscover their sovereignty through [...]

Where is God in the Mikveh?

Liz Shayne recently wrote here about how the mikveh experience feels meaningless for her. It’s not anguishing, she says, but [...]

What Are Period Panties?

Photo by Katie Treadway The Eden Center does not endorse products, nor have we tested this specific one, [...]

Menstrual Cup for Teens

  I first heard about the reusable menstrual cup from my Kallah teacher and was immediately sold on the idea. [...]


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