In partnership with Kollel Eretz Hemdah, this course covers halakha, sexuality, and communication, as well as practical teaching skills.

This training is building off of the successful Advanced Kallah Teacher Course to create a cadre of hatan (groom) teachers that share our vision of premarital education that stresses not only the study of halakhic (Jewish legal) sources, but also topics such as sexuality, communication and more.

The course includes high-level lectures, group discussions, halakhic (Jewish law) instruction and practical teaching skills.

Topics are taught by experts in their field and include:

  • Communication
  • Sexuality
  • Halakha of Family Purity
  • Pleasure
  • Identifying Problems
  • Birth Control

"Not only did we sharpen our knowledge of halakha, we learned so much about how to guide a hatan about his intimate relationship and how to help a hatan create a partnership around mikveh. There was also serious discussion of signs of abuse and the rising influence of pornography. I loved the sessions with Dr. Jacobson where we brought things to an emotionally meaningful level. And the best thing is that the group have really become resources for me- we consult with eachother and share resources, even 6 months after the course."

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